Blood Testing Services

Our blood testing is second to none.

Precision Labs is proud to offer customizable and flexible service options for clients. Blood testing services are a vital part of any healthcare operation. Precision Labs is the resource you can count on to fit your needs.

Accurate, confident, and efficient.

Whether you need a phlebotomist to staff your office or preform a blood draw, Precision Labs can make the process easier. Our phlebotomists have the customer service skills to put patients at ease and the experience to draw blood without discomfort to the patient. Our blood testing is done accurately, confidently, and efficiently. We provide quality service from the time of a draw until the blood is resulted. Our results are both faxed and available on our online portal. At Precision Labs we work with every client to provide superior service.

About Our Blood Testing Services

People need blood testing services for a variety of reasons, and Precision Labs is dedicating to providing superior, comfortable service in and around the St. Louis area. 

We offer fully customizable and flexible services to our clients, allowing us to be a premier resource wherever blood testing is needed. We understand the importance of confidentiality, as well as patient comfort and discretion. Not everyone feels comfortable getting their blood drawn, or may have misconceptions about the process. No matter where our services are needed, we make it a priority to make all of the patients as well-informed and comfortable as possible. 

That’s exactly why we provide superior and transparent service from the moment blood is drawn until results are given through either our online portal or via fax. If you’re in need of blood testing services, we hope you’ll consider Precision Labs. 

In the meantime, let’s dive a little deeper into our services and how they can benefit you and your patients. 

Who Needs Blood Testing Services

Again, people need blood testing for a variety of reasons, which is why we work with many different clients, including: 

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Home health agencies
  • Physician offices
  • Traveling physicians

There are a variety of benefits to having Precision Labs work with you, including the overall comfort and wellbeing of the patients. 

For example, some patients aren’t physically able to go to the doctor or an outpatient center for blood draws, especially those in assisted living facilities or those who are receiving home health care due to illness or injury. We work with you by going to these locations ahead of time, so you can receive the results before working directly with the patient. It allows them to stay in a familiar, comfortable environment and streamlines the process for everyone. 

When it comes to using our services in your office, it streamlines the process, even more, allowing your patients to get faster results without having to go to multiple locations for a blood draw. If patient comfort and contentment is your priority, it’s worth it to schedule blood draws within your own office. 

What Can Be Discovered Through Blood Tests

At Precision Labs, we take pride in our laboratory environment, and can often give you the results in either a matter of hours or days, depending on the tests that need to be done. We can run CBCs, metabolic panels, lipid panels, and more. We can also help you in determining if a patient has an underlying illness or condition that needs to be addressed right away. 

Again, streamlining the process will allow you to get the results for your patients faster, so if they are in need of immediate medical care, you can take action quickly while keeping them clearly informed of what’s going on. 

Whether you’re a physician or you work as an at-home care doctor, or even in an assisted living facility, staying on top of patient conditions or potential conditions is extremely important. There are some things that simply can’t be discovered or determined through a visual exam. Blood tests are often crucial for the overall health and wellbeing of patients who might be at risk of certain conditions or experiencing symptoms that can only be verified through certain tests. 

What is the Process? 

Our blood draw process is very simple. We believe it’s important that our clients know what to expect from Precision Labs, so your patients understand the same. 

When a patient arrives for their blood test, we’ll briefly talk to them about what we’re going to do, before making sure they’re comfortable and calm. Once they are, we’ll apply a tourniquet around the upper part of their arm, and begin to look for a vein. 

We draw the blood from the vein, using a sterilized needle that is attached to a test tube (or multiple tubes depending on which tests are needed). The test tubes we use close automatically to keep everything sterile and safe. 

Then, the patient’s tubes of blood are sent to our lab for testing, and the results will either be faxed to you, or you can view them on our user-friendly online portal. 

We try to keep our process as transparent as possible. When our clients clearly know every step of what’s going on throughout the process, they’re able to focus on their patients without having to worry about the blood draw experience or the process in general. We understand that most of our clients have a lot on their plates already, which is why we try to eliminate any stress that might typically be associated with phlebotomy.