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Our vision is simple...

We understand that medical care is not one size fits all. That’s why we offer a multitude of services to simplify the blood testing and PCR urine testing process. With our flexibility, doctors and patients have a greater sense of peace of mind, knowing that they have options and a company that stands behind each test. Get answers and empower your patient with knowledge, in less time, with Precision Labs.


Located in the Midwest. Available to serve your needs.

Available to serve your needs

Who We Serve

A phlebotomist can visit your facility on your schedule.

Streamline your home health business with a Precision Labs phlebotomist.

Bring your blood or PCR urine testing closer to home by staffing or partnering with Precision Labs in your office.

Enlist a phlebotomist to do your blood draws in your patient’s home.

Featured Services

Our testing services are second to none

Knowledge is power. We’re here to help give patients peace of mind with blood testing services available in a variety of avenues. Whether you service patients in their homes, at an assisted living facility, or in a physician’s office, Precision Labs is here to help. Empower your patients and give the gift of peace of mind with our flexible and approachable services.

Experience quick and more accurate results with Precision Labs PCR Urine Testing. Our high-sensitivity testing ensures reliable results, surpassing traditional cultures that may miss difficult-to-grow pathogens.

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Critical Values

At Precision Labs, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and quality of service. We pride ourselves on what we call our “Critical Values”. Learn more about what to expect and our process at Precision Labs.

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