PCR Urine Testing Services

Our PCR urine testing is second to none.

Experience quicker and more accurate results with Precision Labs PCR Urine Testing. Our high-sensitivity testing ensures reliable results, surpassing traditional cultures that may miss difficult-to-grow pathogens.

Quicker and more accurate.

Despite the rapid turnaround time, the results produced by PCR urine testing maintain accuracy. These diagnostics often provide more accurate results due to their ability to identify multiple pathogens simultaneously.

About Our PCR Urine Testing Services

PCR urine tests represents a significant advancement in diagnostic medicine, offering clinics an advanced and precise tool for UTI detection. The scientific basis of these tests are robust and innovative, ensuring reliable results in various clinical scenarios.

PCR urine testing is a diagnostic method that uses molecular biology to identify the presence of bacterial DNA in urine, offering a more rapid and precise identification compared to traditional methods.

Advantages of PCR Urine Testing

Turnaround Time: Providing rapid results within 24 hours of arrival to the lab.

Accuracy: Our pathogen assay target the most relevant bacterial and antibiotic resistance guidance.